The Pocket Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

Key Facts and Tips for Improved Health

by Dr Rosamund Vallings MNZM, MBBS

This concise and easy-to-read book will help anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME manage their illness and improve their overall wellbeing.

It explains how CFS/ME is diagnosed and the different ways it may affect the body, so that people with CFS/ME will be able to more actively take charge of their health and create the best chance for recovery.

  • Based on sound medical research
  • Written by world-renowned authority on CFS/ME
  • Strategies for dealing with specific symptoms
  • Managing sleep
  • Easing back into exercise
  • Eating optimally for recovery
  • Dealing with work and education issues
  • Talking to others about CFS/ME, including the doctor
  • Caring for CFS/ME sufferers, including the severely ill
  • Latest research and search for a cure.

Rosamund Vallings author photo


ISBN: 9781877429231

Pages: 144

Format: 228mm x 152mm


Published: August 2017

RRP NZ$$35

Rights Available: World except New Zealand, Australia