Dying: A New Zealand Guide for the Journey

A New Zealand Guide for the Journey

by Sue Wood, Peter Fox, Karen McMillan

This book will help anyone involved with a terminal illness deal with the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and those caring for them, and to enhance the dignity and comfort of all concerned. Compassionately written and drawing on years of practical experience in hospice care and counselling, the authors discuss what they and others have found happening in the terminal stages of illness – what the dying person can expect, what others have found important to do. They show how to respond positively and practically to situations that are likely to arise. The book includes practical advice, from palliative care and support therapies to financial considerations.


‘This is an amazing resource for anyone who is dying and for those caring for them, and is also essential reading for all health professionals. The approach is holistic, the writing sensitive, and the advice practical and easy to follow. It is a book to come back to again and again.’  Mary Schumacher, Chief Executive, Hospice New Zealand

ISBN: 978 1 877429 00 2

Pages: 208

Format: 196 x 127 mm, paperback


Published: August 2006


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