Build Your Immunity for Life: Diet and Lifestyle Choices to Protect against Infection
Dr Roderick Mulgan

Build Your Immunity for Life: Diet and Lifestyle Choices to Protect against Infection

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About the Book

The global health emergency of COVID-19 brought into sharp focus the damaging effects of living with harmful micro-organisms. While vaccines and antibiotics are used to treat infections, these work only by assisting your existing immune system. No matter what level of medical support you choose, the optimal way to combat infection is to develop and maintain a robust natural immune system.

Based on scientific research, this book will help anyone wanting to build their immunity and optimise their resistance to disease. It explains how the immune system works, and how it relies on key minerals, vitamins and lifestyle choices for maximum effect. Many people, including those who try to eat well, do not consume all the essential micronutrients their immunity needs.

Packed with valuable information and practical strategies, Build Your Immunity for Life explains how to enhance the body’s natural defences. It is an empowering resource for anyone wanting to improve their immunity and their overall health.

Author Information

Dr Roderick Mulgan

Dr Roderick Mulgan, MB, ChB, MPP, LLB (Hons), is an aged-care doctor and criminal barrister, based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a long-held interest in preventative medicine and the impact on our health of everyday decisions, particularly nutrition. His research focuses on inflammation, longevity, immunity and the role of functional foods. He is also the author of The Internal Flame: New Insights into Silent Inflammation, Longevity and the Science of Functional Foods.


ISBN: 9781877429576
228 x 152 mm, paperback
July 2023


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