Jessie and the Monster: A Battle with Anxiety, A Story of Courage and Hope
Mark Stevenson

Jessie and the Monster: A Battle with Anxiety, A Story of Courage and Hope

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About the Book

Monsters aren’t real – or are they? We don’t think about them much, not until they attack, that is.

Jessie had a safe and secure life, but out of the blue her world was ravaged by the most ominous of creatures, Wisper. With his horde of followers, he finds a way out of The Badlands and invades her world.

Jessie’s anxiety is overwhelming, but help comes in unexpected ways from the strangest of places and people.

This is a story that will help young people from the age of eight through to early teens deal with feelings of anxiety. It will give them courage and hope for the future.

‘As her confidence grew, the monster became smaller and weaker, and Jessie became stronger and more sure of herself.’

Author Information

Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson is an author and educator, happily married to Trudi, with whom he has two daughters. For many years his daughter Frankie has wrestled with anxiety, something Mark and his family struggled to make sense of as they faced sometimes chaotic and heart-breaking challenges. He wrote this story to help other young people who suffer from anxiety, and for their carers and loved ones, to offer comfort and hope for the future.


ISBN: 9781877429422
Pages: 56
Format: 228 x 152 mm, paperback
Illustrations: Deborah Hinde
Published: February 2021

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